Last I visited eHarmony, there weren’t any search options

Last I visited eHarmony, there weren’t any search options

One of the few dating sites that have a higher percentage of women than men, eHarmony also has a higher percentage of folks under 54 than most, too.


You sign up, you fill out the form, and then you wait. Sometimes, a day. On a few occasions, I’ve had to wait over a week. Eventually, you get matched with someone based on eHarmony’s algorithm. You can tweak based on distance, and that’s about it.

What will you see when you get matched? Again, it depends. Usually, no picture and some of their answers to free-form questions. It’s pretty bare bones, and specifically so.

eHarmony is a true compatibility dating site, meaning THEY do the matching. They use the best information they have about long-term, marriage-minded partnerships, and then facilitate your “meeting” someone that’s aligned similarly.

Connecting with Other Members

You can only connect with other people on the site once you’ve been matched. In addition, there’s no way to see if the person has subscribed to the site, whether they joined years ago, or whether they’re on a free trial.

What does this mean for you? Well, you’re only matched with a small percentage of the population (makes sense), and, there’s no way of knowing if they’re actively looking still. So…. you’re going to get fewer replies than any of the other dating sites combined.

Still, it only takes one. That’s what I hear constantly from users, readers, and clients with their eHarmony review(s) to meet someone. I agree with them; marriage-minded singles will have better luck here than anywhere.