However, we are quit having an invaluable concern

However, we are quit having an invaluable concern

From inside the blog post- Biblical Hebrew i listen to, ‘The guy exactly who starts to like to you to definitely his girlfriend tend to pass away and you will [we

” Is actually God making reference to just people and every separated woman, also those who was basically treacherously divorced? The guy did not become, not with regards to the context additionally the aforementioned suggestions.

The solution sooner is dependant on the latest perspective regarding harmonizing every one of the newest relationship teachings off Jesus. Matthew 5:32b try a totally more statement than simply Matthew 5:31a. For the Greek, brand new participle was long whenever these are that it lady. It merely means it lady into the Matthew 5:32b is not linguistically linked to the same woman simply spoken of in the Matthew 5:32a.

This pleads issue; whether your woman in the Matthew 5:32b isn’t the innocent girl who had been treacherously separated of the this lady partner, that is she? She would end up being the exact same woman God talks away from inside Mark’s account. She’s a female exactly who treacherously divorces their husband. God told you, “If a woman divorces the woman husband and you will marries some other, she commits adultery”(Mk. ). 19) For the Matthew 5:32b, new participle would be know once the middle (reflexive extreme) that could imply the woman’s unlawful initiation of separation inside the this declaration.

Exactly what, then, did God indicate and you may just who exactly is actually Jesus writing about inside the Matthew 5:32b when he said, “anyone who marries a separated lady commits adultery?